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Kube Publishing

Wonderful Women Around the Prophet: The Adventurous Friends

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Sophia Lunat & Rumaysa Sidat

Which brave woman was given the nickname ‘the one with two belts’?
Which courageous women made two dangerous hijrahs?
Which women were given the special titles ‘Mother of the Believers’?
The Adventurous Friends is an inspiring look at the lives of three brave and courageous women who helped Islam spread far and wide.
With stories told across the Arabian land and beyond, ‘The Adventurous Friends’ is the second in a series of books which illustrate the exciting and often dangerous lives of the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Featuring short stories, special facts, du’aas, and opportunities for discussion, the ‘Wonderful Women Around the Prophet’ series is a fun interactive learning experience for boys and girls.

42 Pages, Hardcover
Hoopoe Publishing House