About Us


It is no secret that Islam places a huge emphasis on the importance of knowledge. All we need to do is take a look Hadith literature and quotes from famous Scholars of Islam on how much they valued this. 

Yet, few of us actually make a sincere effort in the pursuance of this knowledge. It is no doubt, that books and other educational material can turn out to be quite expensive - and this is especially true for the Muslim Community as most well known and best-selling Islamic Books and products are published and sold in places like North America or Europe. We not only have to pay for the books but twice the price of the product for shipping! Yikes!!

Knowledge is invaluable but how much are we willing to spend?

Noor Books was based on this premise.  


Our vision and mission is to make a difference in the community by providing books and other educational resources that can be easily accessed and afforded by everyone. We hope this produces a more knowledgeable and educated community and inspires and uplifts the next generation.