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Secrets of Divine Love Journal: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam

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A. Helwa
If you are looking for a journal for Ramadan, a retreat, or just to deepen your connection with Allah Secrets of Divine Love Journal is perfect for you!
Secrets of Divine Love Journal will follow chapter-by-chapter the Secrets of Divine Love book.
The journal has additional reflections, stories, and quotes while supplementing each chapter with reflective prompts alongside ample space for the reader to journal.
Each chapter of the Secrets of Divine Love Journal starts with a quote from Secrets of Divine Love alongside a verse of the Qur’an followed by a story and reflection, a heart-opening prayer, journal prompts, a quote to contemplate upon, and a closing prayer of gratitude.
The Secrets of Divine Love Journal will help you to reflect upon and enjoy your faith from a more holistic perspective.
You will learn even more about the pillars, principles, and practices within the Islamic tradition through the Qur’an, hadith, spiritual teaching stories, and sayings from mystics like Imam Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Rumi and countless others.
The Secrets of Divine Love Journal connects you more deeply with Allah through exercises and questions designed to help you: Experience the love of Allah, Connect with your faith, Transform every moment into prayer, Create connection with your faith community.
179 Pages, Paperback
Kube Publishing