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Ramadan Reflections: A Guided Journal

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Aliyah Umm Raiyaan

30 days of healing from your past, being present and looking ahead to an akhirah-focused future 

Deepen your connection to Allah and set purpose-based intentions for the year ahead with a daily guided journal for prayer, healing, and reflection during Ramadan.

Ramadan is one of the most sacred and spiritually intimate months of the Islamic calendar. It is a time of devotion, where one can nurture their relationship with Allah―breaking away from normal daily routine and spent in a constant state of faithful awareness.

Divided into three 10-day sections, this beautiful book takes you on an inward journey to heal from your past, immerse yourself in the present and plan an akhirah-focused future. Each section is comprised of ten chapters with each representing one day of Ramadan.

Aliyah encourages readers to use each chapter on their designated day―echoing how the Qur'an was revealed, gradually, in order for listeners to savor the messages and decipher their meanings on a more profound level.

Ramadan Reflections is filled with practical exercises, journaling prompts, and Du'aa invitations, all designed to enable deeper reflections on the learnings and further your ability to manifest this into actions. Each chapter concludes with extra writing space for contemplation both on the theme that day as well as their overall spiritual transformation.


288 Pages, Paperback