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Kids Gift Box - Ramadan Little Discoverer

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For Ages (6-10)

Embark on an exciting Ramadan journey with our Ramadan Little Discoverer Kids Gift Box, specially crafted for kids aged 6-10!

Help your kids explore Ramadan concepts further in a fun and an engaging way.

Box Includes:

  • Ramadan Activity Book: Dive into the world of Ramadan with engaging activities including crafts, colouring, and puzzles tailored for ages 6-10, along with templates for creative projects like banners and cards.
  • Kids Prayer Mat: Enhance prayer time with a comfortable and stylish prayer mat, perfect for older kids to connect with their faith. Prayer Mat design will be selected at random.
  • Bon Bon Tasbih Beads: Foster mindfulness and remembrance with a convenient dikr counter, ideal for older children to track their praises.
  • Islamic-Themed DIY Mosque: Spark creativity with an engaging DIY mosque kit, allowing kids to build and decorate their own Islamic-inspired structure.
  • Adorable Stickers: Add a touch of charm to notebooks, journals, and more with delightful stickers featuring Islamic motifs.
  • Beautiful Gift Packaging: Each item is carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box.

Set your child on a path of discovery and connection this Ramadan with our Ramadan Little Discoverer Gift Box.

Order now and embark on a journey of exploration and creativity together!