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Happy Journey

Ramadan Countdown Calendar

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The Days Before Eid: Ramadan Calendar

Make every day of the blessed month of Ramadan even more special for your family. Enjoy the countdown to Eid calendar and bond over great Islamic reminders every day till Eid

Customize the calendar with age-appropriate daily reminders such as Ayat of the Day, Sunnah of the Day, Good Deed of the Day or any other Ramadan activities for kids

A beautiful addition to your Ramadan decor. The colorful and festive design featuring elements such as prayer mats, mosque, dates, lights, lanterns and fanoos, brings an instant cheer to your home

Present it to your loved ones as Ramadan mubarak gift and spread the joy of Ramadan Kareem.

Comes with link to FREE Printables and Ideas that you can print, or copy down on pieces of paper and put inside the calendar drawers. An fabulous purchase if you are looking for Ramadan crafts for kids.