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Learning Roots

Ramadan Activity Book (Little Kids)

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Get Your Child Super-Excited About Ramadan!

  • Would you like your child to eagerly await the coming of Ramadan?
  • Do you wish your children knew more about Ramadan and cherished its inner and outer beauty?

What we really need is a way to both excite and educate our children about Ramadan in a way that endears their hearts to the great month and shows its blessings as a golden opportunity for them to get closer to Allah. 

This incredible book uses fun activities to introduce, intrigue and advance learning about the key topics of Ramadan in a child’s modern environment. But most of all, your child will be left reeling with excitement about Ramadan. Here’s how:

  • The book contains an outpour of children having fun practising Islam in an environment and context they can relate to.
  • The activities are both practical and contextualised 

  • The activities promote core skills so your child exercises a range of behaviours that advance them holistically, ranging from spiritual, mental and creative development.

  • Each page is sprinkled with amazing illustrations showing both boys and girls of all races 
  • The book contain bucket loads of faith-filled fun. 
  • Activities include mazes, puzzles, stories, recipes, spot the difference and hundreds of stickers!
  • The activities are hands-on with things to design, to make and to use. Includes cut-outs for games, banners, posters and even a pull-out productivity calendar that your child can personalise.



86 Pages, Paperback
Age: 5+, Learning Roots