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Phases of the Moon

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Children will enjoy learning about the phases of the moon with this sparkly, interactive, tie-back book which features a surprise glow-in-the-dark ending!

This original book, which includes beautiful Qur’anic verses and the prayer said upon sighting the new moon, is a unique and fun introduction to the Islamic lunar cycle. And once the young readers have finished marveling at the shiny patterns, sparkles and surprise glow-in-the dark ending, the book can be tied back to make a stunning free-standing display for the home, classroom or library!

The phases of the moon have been referred to, by God, in the Qur’an, as signs for mankind to reflect upon. Each phase marks the passing of time and helps determine special days, such as the beginning of Ramadan, the festivals of Eid and the Hajj pilgrimage. Read the book, marvel at the sparkles and glow-in-the dark ending, then tie it back to make a stunning free-standing display for your home, classroom or library!


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