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My Little Legacy: Beautiful Names of Allah Kids Journal & Activity Book

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Take your child on a journey to knowing and loving Allah.

Beautiful Names Of Allah, from the My Little Legacy range, is a journal and activity book, specially designed to take your child on an educational and interactive journey to learning the names of Allah.

This journal will give your child a deeper and more meaningful understanding of thirty names of Allah, helping them apply these names in their daily lives.

The journal covers 30 of the 99 names of Allah and is recommended for ages 6-10.

Researched from trusted sources and educators, this journal will guide your child to track their Salah and Worship, as well as complete a daily activity inspired by a Beautiful Name of Allah.

Your child will also write their special du’a using the name of Allah they learn each day. This Journal will also support your child's personal and social education from an Islamic perspective.



  • Beautiful Names Of Allah Journal & Activity Book
  • Boxed case for arts and crafts
  • Activity Adventure Map
  • Names of Allah Poster
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Bookmark



  • An Exciting Learning Journey For Kids
  • Promote Personal & Social Education
  • Nurture A Knowledgeable Mind For Your Child



Towards Faith, Ramadan Legacy