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Kube Publishing

I went for Hajj

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Naima B Robert

A rhyming book, perfect to read aloud, that gives children a taste of the sacred things pilgrims see and do on the most important trip for Muslims.

Put on two bright white sheets. Stand before the cube shaped Kaaba. Hear the adhan as it fills the air.

See, hear, smell and feel the wondrous Hajj pilgrimage with a young girl, who's returned from Makkah a Hajji.

Hajji, hajji, what did you see?

From the plane I saw clouds

And the big, blue sea


Hajji, hajji, what did you wear?

I wore two white sheets

And my head was quite bare.


Hajji, hajji, what did you see?

I saw the great mosque in Makkah

As bright as can be.  

32 Pages, Hardback
The Islamic Foundation, Age: 3+