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Noor Books

Faith & Focus Journal

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Are Your Days Broken? Are You Just Trying To Get Through Each Day?

We get caught up in daily distractions and fail to connect to God and achieve our goals. In this overwhelming world our two greatest priorities take a back seat, practising our faith and focusing on our goals. 

What if you could have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that at every moment you're doing exactly what you're supposed to? To look back each day and say, "that was a spiritual and focused day and I spent it well, Alhamdulillah."

Faith & Focus is a 90-day morning and evening guided journal that brings spirituality, success and structure to your everyday life. Designed by the creators of the popular Ramadan Legacy Planner used by tens of thousands of Muslims across the world. Their brand new daily journal is the simplest way you can improve your faith and focus everyday.

What’s inside?

  • Daily Worship Guide
  • Daily Routines
  • Daily Journal & Planner
  • Daily Supplications

Why Use It?

  • Begin and end each day with spirituality and success
  • Use it for only 5 minutes a day, twice a day
  • Built for beginners, tailor your routines to your lifestyle


Towards Faith, Ramadan Legacy Ltd