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Kube Publishing

A life with the divine

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Ali Hammuda

Tradesmen look at buildings differently, depending on their trade: The carpenter casts an eye on the woodwork, the bricklayer on the brickwork and the painter on the walls and ceilings. Similarly, the greater a person's perception of Allah's names, the greater their alertness and understanding of life.

Nothing passes them by, without thought and contemplation. When they see a display of mercy, they automatically and very naturally reflect on the names of Allah; Al-Rahim" (The Most Merciful), Al-Ra'uf (The Pitying), Al-Wadud (The Affectionate). When they sense might and awe, they are overcome with the names "Al-Jabbar" (The Compeller), "Al-Muntaqim" (The Avenger) and "Al-Qahhar" (The Subduer). Eventually, they reach a station where every scene that unfolds, any sin which presents itself or any opportunity that drifts by, becomes a trigger for perusal and the remembrance of Allah, the achievement of which is precisely the objective of this book.


Paperback, 400 Pages