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Ibn Daud Books

A Handbook of Accepted Prayers

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Ibn Daud

Unhealthy addictions and depression are widespread: some of us find the uncertainty and emotional darkness eating away at us.

Seven hundred years ago, a diligent Muslim scholar told of a cost-free, universal psychotherapeutic cure, writing: "Happiness comes with a sincere du'a'" He was Al-Qavyim Al-Jawziyyah (RA); his teacher was Ibn Taymiyyah (RA). In the footsteps of our pious predecessors, we too seek routes to accepted prayers and eternal reward within the tradition.

 This book isn't simply a compilation of recommended du'a's.

Instead it is a carefully considered framework that aligns our emotions with the most beautiful du'a's, all of which have a profound constructive purpose: the aim is to transport us smilingly and with noblest etiquette towards the ma'arifat (higher knowledge of Allah swt) and istigāmah (steadfastness) that every Muslim seeks, deep down.


This Book includes:
• The Du'a Framework: the what, why, when and how of du'a'.
• More than 200 du'a's to help manage each of the 26 spiritual diseases.
• Glossary of more than 100 emotions, for the reader to identity their emotion and go directly to the relevant du'a.
• Each du'a is fully referenced from the Quran and authentic hadith.


Paperback, 368 Pages